Almost Holidays

There's today and tomorrow until two weeks' worth of slacking off, so of course both my little darlings are trying various tactics to get that time off early.

Mayhem is trying the "oh I'm sick, I'm dying, I need to stay home five-ever" routine. Quickly kiboshed with the household thermometer. Chaos was a little bit more clever and insisted I missed a day. Going to the extreme of pointing out a missing day in the communications book. This missing day was (a) in Week Seven, and (b) a day in which she was sick. I showed her the actual date on my watch, and said that if she insisted that it was still Week Seven, she could go to school for three more weeks.

We have enough of last night's Bodge Meal to see us through tonight, so that's one less thing for me to worry about. After that, it's one packet of mince and three steaks to split amongst four people. And then we have to buy meat again.

Which is going to take a definite honk out of my weekly budget.

We still have soup bones... maybe I can do a stoo.

At least there's one butcher in my roaming area that sells pasture-raised beefs. Shy of raising our own chooks - which I can't because asthma - there's no real way to be sure that free range chicken I get at Aldi's is pasture raised or no.

I freaking love the fact that Keto encourages ethical omnivorism.

For those not in the know: being an Ethical Omnivore means that you recognise that all life feeds on the death of another life. Therefore, you attempt to use all the animal/vegetable/mineral that becomes a part of your sustenance. And, wherever possible, make sure that any animals at least had time to enjoy something of a life before their slaughter.

Ethical omnivores are against fattening pens, cage farms, barn farms, and generally locking animals indoors and pumping them with drugs before they're slaughtered. We're also in favour of sustainable fishing habits.

Ketogenics is also in vast favour of pasture-raised animal products, because micronutrients are important.

We're still gassing about that aquaponics farm, which would mean that I would be able to enjoy fish that I know were ethically farmed. But Beloved has taken to wanting a forge of all things... potentially melting down all the aluminium cans their office goes through. I can't see a goal to that, but whatever. It's something cool that we could plausibly do.

I really want that aquaponics though. That could be so awesome.