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Friday, Day 0, FUUUUUCK...

Plague news: TWENTY-TWO new FUCKING cases. Seven local. Fifteen imports. SIXTY-SEVEN total active cases, Thirty are in hospital. This is what happens when you just give up on public safety in favour of profit. Australia's at 93.6% first vax, 89.9% fully vaxxed. Queensland's still sharing last place in the vax race with WA, at 89% first vax, 83% fully vaxxed.

Omicron is everywhere and there's more hot spots all over the fucking place. Masks are back. AGAIN. I never gave up having mine with me.


...fucking Knomiras. Fucking capitalism. The Human race successfully wiped Smallpox off the map and then it went PANTS. This is just another one of the consequences.

That might be my depression talking, but it may also be cynicism and realism melding together.

In the news:

  • Memorial for two kids who died in a bounce house accident
  • Omicron makes Her Majesty cancel family gathering
  • Epstein's cellmate talks about the last days
  • Model bashed on a subway
  • Necrophiliac morgue worker set to rot in prison
  • Hentai has gone mainstream in Aus

Onwards to streaming and story stuff and Starter feeding and so on...

Procrastination Power

I just spent a majority of this morning making sure that anyone checking my stuff out can easily read my plot kittens file and therefore vote for what I write next. So far, I have three different votes for three different things, so when I finish Crime and Punishment I'll probably grab the next-shiniest idea that has excerpts.

I now have $1K out of the six I'm s'posed'a have in my bank. Soon. Yay. No announcements from Apple so we cool. With

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I learned something today

The nice folks at Smashwords control when I get my payment from them.

They take a percentage of the sales. That’s fine.

They hold my money in escrow until the end of the month. That’s peachy.

Then they charge me withholding fees for hanging on to my money before they deign to give me that money?

Of the $84.22 I had in escrow for them to give me, they charged $25.27, and handed me almost $60.

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