Procrastination Power

I just spent a majority of this morning making sure that anyone checking my stuff out can easily read my plot kittens file and therefore vote for what I write next. So far, I have three different votes for three different things, so when I finish Crime and Punishment I'll probably grab the next-shiniest idea that has excerpts.

I now have $1K out of the six I'm s'posed'a have in my bank. Soon. Yay. No announcements from Apple so we cool. With good luck, Beloved and I can make some bank off of our Bitcoin trades and actually get ahead of the rat race for a change.

Today is cleaning day. Tomorrow, I'm doing my Patreon rewards. Wednesday, I am getting my thumb out of my divot and readying the rest of my attempts to get an agent for my shit.

And speaking of shit... I went to the ATM this morning to get my budget, and apparently my card had expired despite the date for that being set in 2020.

So, alongside all the different crap going on in my day, I have to haul arse to the bank and talk to people about what the shit. And while I'm there, reset the PIN on my other card that I set up on my phone and stupidly forgot.

Which will take time away from everything else. Including plotting/getting dinner, getting fuel, and paying the nice peeps who help me clean my gorram house.

You'd better believe I'm going to make noise about this.

Further proof the universe hates me IMO.