Challenge #01973-E149: Rhapsodical in Blue

More of shenanigans when "Team Blue" turn up at a convention. Nightcrawlers, Taako and the Tick. AKA "Team Blue". -- Anon Guest

[AN: This hails back to this thing that happened a little while ago.]

Good news: They were relatively harmless. Bad news: They had decided to split up and search for clues. Some Nightcrawlers were Bamfing all over the place. Some were perched on tall objects. The youngest Nightcrawler of the group was politely asking gargantuan-suited cosplayers if their outfits were load-bearing structures, and if he had permission to perch on them so he could scout around.

The Tick was scoping out the floor with a magnifying glass and saying, "Hmmm..." a lot.

And Taako... was haggling with the food vendors. "Listen," he began. "I have gold. I have silver. I even have a few coppers. They have to be worth something..."

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