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Time on My Hands

Good news bad news. Good news - I don't need to fret about posting my Blasts From the Past any more. And therefore have more time in my day.

Bad news - the draft I thought I had saved of a carefully-worded and exciting pitch to a publisher vanished without a fucking trace.

I can't even get rid of the window full of the empty document. It's just. There. Unkillable. Uneditable. Unbelievable.

So yeah.

Some of my morning will be absorbed by recreating that thing, hopefully better than the one before it. RIP.

So of course I'm procrastinating and hoping that there's something I can do to salvage the original because... even though I'm a cynical pessimist about most things, I'd rather cling to hope.

I'll get that solution when I finish the draft of the new email. You watch.

Feeling scummy

So. Yesterday was not my proudest day. As you know, I had a prompt with paedophilia right the fuck in there, and I have yet to back down from a challenge. Even one that makes me feel like I just ingested the liquid grossness that you find in the bottom of a garbage bin.

I do not support, condone, or excuse paedophilia. I do not believe in any of the excuses I wrote, yesterday, nor do I support them as arguments. Just

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My best laid plans haven't just gone agley. They're flapping in the breeze. Pissing into the wind. Whistling Dixie.

Inertia is my enemy. I fucking hate it. And I really despise it when the object at rest happens to be people I need to do things for my. My skill set is limited. My ideas of design are either (a) antiquated, (b) fucking ugly, or (c) both. This is why I handed a concept sketch to Beloved for the EGDB logo instead

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Poo bum wee

I just spent all day trying to come up with something clever and winding up with fail.

And then, to top it off, I tried to make Spore work on my Mac again.

I know there’s worse things to happen to people than spending all day on a computer, but… I was trying my hardest to be clever and the universe just kept on reminding me that I’m stupid.

I feel pretty damn worthless right now.


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