Another five days of grind are looming ahead. Another five days of slog and hoping for a decent time window to put my dreams even one baby step ahead.

I tried to have time off on the weekend and failed at that. I'm always putting aside my plns for other nonse. Other people's plans are way more important than my need to faff off.


Except I feel really worn out in the soul because it feels like I'm not getting enough reward - emotionally and monetarily - for my efforts but packing it all in would make it worse in my brain space.

Never surrender.

Either that, or I just can't not write. If I can make it pay the rent, then that might be something. I am my first audience, my worst critic, and my own eternal bully.

NOT helped by a huge argument with Beloved concerning all the noise related to creating Vector Art so I can make merch for my universe. I may or may not be back to having a functioning version of Inkscape again?

All I know is that when I came back, I had Inkscape running on my compy and there was no sign of the work I'd already done on the other one. I do not know what was happening. I still don't know.

Beloved and I will work things out. Eventually. For now, I should at least attempt to focus on my firkin work.