Challenge #02235-F045: Sing Out the Sun

"Hey what song are you singing today?"

"'I love those J-I-N-G-L-E bells.'"

"Oh good. I can hang my laundry today." -- Anon Guest

There are interesting wrinkles to being a life companion for a bard. Especially if that bard took a level or two in the Druidic arts, apparently for the laughs. One of them is the daily practice session. Not that Jiihan needed it. She was a very good bard... but the druidic edge put certain harmonic combinations at a level of risk.

For instance, some popular tunes could affect the weather. Jiihan kept it under control, the instant she put it together of course. Once the connection was made, she took care to only practice one song at a time. Unfortunately, practice songs with no defined spell in mind had no lyrical relationship to the weather it produced. As an example, Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head when unfocussed, caused gale force and dehydrating winds.

Enrai had to plan his day around the musical mood Jiihan was in at the time. Whenever they weren't on adventures, domestic life had to continue around Jiihan's practice sessions. "So... what's the song today?"

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