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Challenge #03608-I319: A Bird in the Hand

Instructor: Today, Class, we are going to learn of how wasteful some species, like humans, got in their pre-space-fairing era, and how it is similar to deregger behaviors in our modern times. Please turn your datareader to the articles on Food Waste, and how excess food was sent to rot in refuse pits, simply to keep the prices high, and the belief that it would do more harm than good to feed those who were hungry.

(It's true, too. In the USA, and many other nations, massive amounts of food is thrown into garbage bins, and sometimes things like bleach and other chemicals are thrown on top of it, or guards are put on watch until it rots, all to keep the prices high. Because factories "make too much food" and end up throwing a ton of it away as "waste product" rather than giving it to food banks and helping feeding those who are slowly starving to death.) -- Lessons

They say the love of money is the root of all evil, and they are not wrong. At a certain point, money gains the possessor all they need for comfortable living and reassurance against any given disaster. Beyond that threshhold, the only reason to have more money is to gain points against others who are playing the same game.

Make no mistake, it is a game played with cogniscent lives.

As I explain an era of Terran History, I wish all of you to compare the patterns inherent with the current-day Deregger polities. Their actions, reactions, talking points, and sundry grandstanding.

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Challenge #02917-G360: Waste Not Want Not

The wind caused the flap of our tipi to rattle, father went and tied it more securely while mother tucked my siblings into the furs for the night. The tribe was camped along the river though we'd had to move recently due to rains that had caused the water to swell. Once father sat down, I watched as he was taking an arrow that had broken and was repairing it, shaving the wood carefully, repurposing it for a smaller training bow for

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Challenge #02605-G048: Atomic Element Number Six


Can you Please write a Humans-Are-Space-Orcs Story about Humans commonly wasting Resources (like in the Video) on the Production of Things, Goods... that Aliens can do cheap/better/with less effort? (Like Coalpower/Atomicenergy...)

Thanks in Advance -- Mike

Deathworlders live in harsh conditions that should eliminate most life. This is known. Therefore, one might expect that Deathworlders would be frugal with their resource expenditure. One would be wrong. Most of them evolve with short

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Spinning my wheels...

I hate wasting time.

Lots of things that need to get done depend highly on other people doing them. Because I lack the skills, the knowledge, the money or the resources to do it myself. So I end up sitting around waiting for other people to get the thumb out of their collective butts.

Time bleeds away. Hour by hour.

I’ve organized and packed the kids’ bags so they’re ready for school. I’ve matched and

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