Challenge #02605-G048: Atomic Element Number Six

Can you Please write a Humans-Are-Space-Orcs Story about Humans commonly wasting Resources (like in the Video) on the Production of Things, Goods... that Aliens can do cheap/better/with less effort? (Like Coalpower/Atomicenergy...)

Thanks in Advance -- Mike

Deathworlders live in harsh conditions that should eliminate most life. This is known. Therefore, one might expect that Deathworlders would be frugal with their resource expenditure. One would be wrong. Most of them evolve with short lives and reproductive cycles in the earlier stages of their lifespans, and therefore don't think much further than what they have now and what they can get tomorrow.

It is called Stopthink. When something is beyond a Deathworlder's comprehension, they stop thinking about it. How big is that ocean? Infinite. Stop thinking. How far away is the sun? It's in the sky. Stop thinking. Stopthink is useful in the earlier stages of evolution, where staring at clouds and wondering how they move gets one into the mouth of the nearest hungry predator. However, when civilisation occurs, Stopthink is hazardous. Humans are the worst at doing it. Or the best, since they've had so much practice. It all depends on perspective.

How much pollution can the air hold? The smoke seems to go away just fine. Stop thinking. How much toxicity can the ocean hold? It goes on forever, so it can hold infinity. Stop thinking. How much drinkable water can there be? It will always rain tomorrow. Stop thinking. We don't need this, throw it away, it is now gone. Stop thinking. This sort of behaviour is responsible for more extinction events on Deathworlds than the Deathworlds themselves.

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