Challenge #02604-G047: Worth the Ordeal

"Wow, you really did it!"

"I said I would, didn't I?"

"Well, yes..."

"Then why are you so surprised?"

"Oh, I figured something of a higher priority would come along and you'd do that, then you'd be busy and forget about it, so I just assumed it wouldn't happen for, like, three or four months so I wouldn't give you a reason to be mad at me for being frustrated that you didn't do it when you said you would!" -- Anon Guest

The human twisted their rubbery face around and scratched at themself. "So... you were getting pre-emptively mad because you were expecting me to fail?"

"No, that's not quite what I was aiming for, I mean..." Grex flailed around as if trying to swat the correct words out of the air. "You have said yourself that you are easily distracted. As -er- the kitten under a disc-go ball?"

"Near enough. Yeah," Human Tin agreed. "I did say that. And I am. But... this is you asking," they said, as if that explained everything when it clearly did not.

"I have asked you to do things before that you forgot, or thought you did but didn't. Or otherwise became distracted from performing. I do not understand the difference here and now."

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