Two of our players are out on other business, and we still have four players, so the sesh will be going ahead. WOO!

Character hints ahoy :D gonna drop some backstory clues and hope other players pick it up. I might get a Glare from the DM, but damnit, I love having a few gems for excavation.

Today includes unfuckening the house again, one thousand words, and of course the D&D. It's gonna be fun.

Tomorrow... I am going to put on my grubs and gather up some tools and help a friendo paint their house in preparation for resale. Then on Sunday, there's a family gathering luncheon and I swear to heck and gone that I will be asleep in transit both ways.

I'm'a need a weekend to recover from my weekend -_-

Don't be surprised if I'm super rat-faced come next week. And I'm plotting to do the 52 rejection challenge. And I'll start working on some sourdough. Yeeps.