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Challenge #03349-I061: A Study in Paper Goods

What is it about toilet paper that people hoard it in 'lockdown' here? If not inspiring pick a place and find some other 'must have' to clutter up the place. -- KnitNan

Today's unit in Terran History is the Covid-19 Pandemic. An analysis of incompetence. Yes, yes, some of you are from the polities identified here and are taking offense. The point remains that mistakes were made and some of them were on purpose. People died. We are here to analyse the psychology of late-stage capitalism so that it hopefully doesn't occur again.

Remember that criticism of a polity is not criticism of a person. Criticism of the leader of the polity is also not criticism of the person who, for reasons unspecified, may still idolise them. All faves are problematic in some dimension. They are, after all, mere mortals.

We shall begin with the initial panic. The disease, once identified, could have been eliminated with a one-month shutdown of business, trade, and all but the most essential of services. If rational minds had prevailed, we would not be talking about this today. Alas, irrational minds were in charge. Once the initial lockdown was announced, the public panicked and insisted on 'stocking up' on everything. Including supplies they didn't need.

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Challenge #03247-H338: A Study in Paranoia

The instructor walked into the classroom where several students already were getting set to take notes and looked upon them expectantly.

"Today, we're going to speak of human history, as in how far was a human's instinct to survive and prepare. That is, the psychology of what humans, in that era, called Preppers, and how that psychology is ingrained in humans into the modern day. We'll explore the benefits, and the costs, of such a mindset, and how companions can better understand

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Challenge #02582-G025: History is a Pane

I see the words tossed around here and there but I I don’t fully understand the impact of the “shattering” does fragment of humanity wander space, or something comical like everything went ape sh*t the moment humans enter the galactic alliance? -- Anon Guest

Many don't understand what the Shattering is, how long it took, and what it did to Human history. For a start, it's named as if it's one event, but it's actually an era in Terran history.

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Challenge #02432-F242: Unfortunate History

"No way. A society advanced enough to even think of getting into space must live in harmony with itself. Everybody has following the rules encoded in their genes. The consequences of disrupting the system of government are equivalent to those of an asteroid impact. Of course you'd say that I'm a Havenworlder, things work differently on Terra, yada-yada-yada, but that's an universal rule... right?" -- Anon Guest

"Er. Not really. Humanity's first steps into space travel were the direct result of an

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