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Challenge #03776-J123: Greetings From Onfim to Danilo

A school finds a time capsule buried in the era of human kind's first interplanetary flight. Inside of it are little keepsakes and letters left by the young children of the past. -- Anon Guest

It was meant to be opened a century after it was finally buried, in 2132, TCE[1]. By then, several things had gone awry. Things got forgotten. Mistakes were made. A school no longer needed was demolished to make room for fields. A field is eventually taken over by a new city. A new city digs a new sewer system and finds... a container covered in ancient writings.

An archeological treasure.

Fortunately for history, it came to light in an era when such discoveries were carefully examined rather than torn apart for the valuables they might contain[2]. The exterior bore a translation of every written language at the time. Simple words, Commemorating the launch and landing of the first Martian colony in the year 2032. In the hopes of teaching tomorrow what it was like for those who lived it. Do not disturb until 2132.

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Challenge #03775-J122: A Study in Strings

They claim to follow "Q", but they need to get a clue. -- Fighting Fit

[AN: Well, if I wasn't on their hit list before...]

"The point was never believing all the conspiracy theories at once. The point was never in making them all into one mega-conspiracy. The point was not even in gaining proof," said the lecturer. "The point was to sound like they knew more than everyone else, and therefore get angry about the imagined injustices they were allegedly suffering.

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Challenge #03654-J001: Walking With Buddy, Beta Test

A hospital uses a VR system to help patients who are in physical therapy, and refuse to let themselves be given strong painkillers, deal with the pain and focus on their exercises. The gentle landscapes and virtual worlds make it more fun, too. -- Fighting Fit

Gaming and medical therapy have been hand-in-rubber glove for quite some time. People need less painkillers when their minds are fighting the evil forces of Xur. Or, for that matter, mining for resources in a world

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Challenge #03608-I319: A Bird in the Hand

Instructor: Today, Class, we are going to learn of how wasteful some species, like humans, got in their pre-space-fairing era, and how it is similar to deregger behaviors in our modern times. Please turn your datareader to the articles on Food Waste, and how excess food was sent to rot in refuse pits, simply to keep the prices high, and the belief that it would do more harm than good to feed those who were hungry.

(It's true, too. In the USA,

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Challenge #03349-I061: A Study in Paper Goods

What is it about toilet paper that people hoard it in 'lockdown' here? If not inspiring pick a place and find some other 'must have' to clutter up the place. -- KnitNan

Today's unit in Terran History is the Covid-19 Pandemic. An analysis of incompetence. Yes, yes, some of you are from the polities identified here and are taking offense. The point remains that mistakes were made and some of them were on purpose. People died. We are here to analyse the

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Challenge #03247-H338: A Study in Paranoia

The instructor walked into the classroom where several students already were getting set to take notes and looked upon them expectantly.

"Today, we're going to speak of human history, as in how far was a human's instinct to survive and prepare. That is, the psychology of what humans, in that era, called Preppers, and how that psychology is ingrained in humans into the modern day. We'll explore the benefits, and the costs, of such a mindset, and how companions can better understand

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Challenge #02582-G025: History is a Pane

I see the words tossed around here and there but I I don’t fully understand the impact of the “shattering” does fragment of humanity wander space, or something comical like everything went ape sh*t the moment humans enter the galactic alliance? -- Anon Guest

Many don't understand what the Shattering is, how long it took, and what it did to Human history. For a start, it's named as if it's one event, but it's actually an era in Terran history.

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Challenge #02432-F242: Unfortunate History

"No way. A society advanced enough to even think of getting into space must live in harmony with itself. Everybody has following the rules encoded in their genes. The consequences of disrupting the system of government are equivalent to those of an asteroid impact. Of course you'd say that I'm a Havenworlder, things work differently on Terra, yada-yada-yada, but that's an universal rule... right?" -- Anon Guest

"Er. Not really. Humanity's first steps into space travel were the direct result of an

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