Challenge #03776-J123: Greetings From Onfim to Danilo

A school finds a time capsule buried in the era of human kind's first interplanetary flight. Inside of it are little keepsakes and letters left by the young children of the past. -- Anon Guest

It was meant to be opened a century after it was finally buried, in 2132, TCE[1]. By then, several things had gone awry. Things got forgotten. Mistakes were made. A school no longer needed was demolished to make room for fields. A field is eventually taken over by a new city. A new city digs a new sewer system and finds... a container covered in ancient writings.

An archeological treasure.

Fortunately for history, it came to light in an era when such discoveries were carefully examined rather than torn apart for the valuables they might contain[2]. The exterior bore a translation of every written language at the time. Simple words, Commemorating the launch and landing of the first Martian colony in the year 2032. In the hopes of teaching tomorrow what it was like for those who lived it. Do not disturb until 2132.

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