Thursday, Vet Visit and Game Night

Took the expensive cat to the vet's for a pleasant surprise - No huge and looming dental bill. Huzzah!

I'm still figuring out what I'm doing for most of the day, but I will henceforth be focussing my Extras Energy on summarising my gotdang novels because I can't ship them out without the necessary nonsenses collected and collated.


Further, there's a writer's strike going on so that scriptwriters, series writers, and anyone I can't immediately think of GET FUCKING PAID FOR THEIR WORK.

Their perfectly reasonable demands will cost the accumulated screen entertainment industry something like 428 Billion. What the accumulated screen entertainment industry has offered is a little tiny bit over twenty percent of that. And HALF of that offer is all about the MINIMUMS.

It's disgusting what they think they can get away with. When you find out about the recent torturous way they write streaming series, you'll realise that residuals are the least of it.

ANYway. Having it all lined up to launch when the strike ends might just be beneficial for my future.

In the meantime, I do not endorse any script treatments of my prose made during the strike. Further, if anyone's silly enough to make me an offer, I'll be like: "I dunno... I'd really have to insist on working with a paid member of the WGA to make sure I got the script treatment right >:3c"

And then quickly find out how to not be bamboozled.

Anyway. I have a story to write. Possibly a chapter to summarise. And then some shenanigans in the evening.

Let's do this thing.