Challenge #03654-J001: Walking With Buddy, Beta Test

A hospital uses a VR system to help patients who are in physical therapy, and refuse to let themselves be given strong painkillers, deal with the pain and focus on their exercises. The gentle landscapes and virtual worlds make it more fun, too. -- Fighting Fit

Gaming and medical therapy have been hand-in-rubber glove for quite some time. People need less painkillers when their minds are fighting the evil forces of Xur. Or, for that matter, mining for resources in a world made of blocks.

Some early explorations of gaming and physiotherapy were limited by the technology. Patients recovering from spinal chord injury could not, for instance, bear the weight of the virtuality goggles at the time. Some made use of large enough screens, and travel rollers in combination with supports for the patient.

The advent of the Virtuality Eyepieces was a godsend for the medical profession. Light, simple, LCD on somewhat sturdy frames. The glasses could work regardless of the patient's frailty and could also augment the reality around them for safety purposes.

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