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Challenge #03775-J122: A Study in Strings

They claim to follow "Q", but they need to get a clue. -- Fighting Fit

[AN: Well, if I wasn't on their hit list before...]

"The point was never believing all the conspiracy theories at once. The point was never in making them all into one mega-conspiracy. The point was not even in gaining proof," said the lecturer. "The point was to sound like they knew more than everyone else, and therefore get angry about the imagined injustices they were allegedly suffering."

The large screen showed an angry Human holding a piece of cardboard that bore the words, Q sent me in three colours. Red, white, and blue.

"These were universally people from the 'middle class' of their era. They believed the narrative told to them as children, and they became angry that their story was not aligning with that narrative. Rather than being angry at the organisations that told them these lies, they imagined a foe that prevented their personal narrative from coming true."

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Challenge #02875-G318: Drastic Action

So about 8 months ago security forces kept seeing these reflective belts in the brush and they would go to chase them and they would keep getting away so finally somebody realized that there were reflective belts on the deer. So they catch one of these deer and there's names on these belts. Apparently the marines had been tackling the deer and putting belts on them they would of gotten away with it to but they left their names. -- Anon Guest

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So most of us (if not all) already know about the ten thousand conspiracy theories the fandom has been coming up with lately. I for one would like to see more of other people’s contributions to the theories without scrolling through pages and pages of the “#vice quadrant” tag. So what I propose is that we use the tag “#spg illuminati confirmed” for our conspiracy theories. I have to credit singing-circuitry for the idea, since they came up with it

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dragonkyng: It's not Moran. Moriarty is alive and I'll prove it. First off, when investigating a possible suicide, detectives often find...


It’s not Moran. Moriarty is alive and I’ll prove it.

First off, when investigating a possible suicide, detectives often find the gun away from the body. This is because the act of firing and the act of the body going limp, throws the gun away from the body.

Also there is no blood spatter, no bone fragments, no brain particulates. A gun shot like that would have nearly ripped the back of his head off. And the blood pool

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