Challenge #02875-G318: Drastic Action

So about 8 months ago security forces kept seeing these reflective belts in the brush and they would go to chase them and they would keep getting away so finally somebody realized that there were reflective belts on the deer. So they catch one of these deer and there's names on these belts. Apparently the marines had been tackling the deer and putting belts on them they would of gotten away with it to but they left their names. -- Anon Guest

[AN: You know I've got to add some tinfoil hats to this...]

Deer season was going poorly that year. The expected culls were few and far between. The hunters, being responsible people, didn't shoot at anything they couldn't identify as a deer.

One could plausibly believe that most of the deer had vanished just before hunting season... if one didn't have a report regarding the population of such from Parks and Wildlife. Too many deer by autumn spelled trouble for the ecology, especially for the surviving wild flora, but mostly for the farms. Hungry deer in the waning of the year head for any greenery that they can get their teeth on.

Further, some people were making an alarming discovery. There were blurry photographs at first. Shaky videos. Eventually, trail cameras revealed that there were deer wearing reflective clothing items. Those images hit the internet before it hit any rational mind.

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