Spinning my wheels...

I hate wasting time.

Lots of things that need to get done depend highly on other people doing them. Because I lack the skills, the knowledge, the money or the resources to do it myself. So I end up sitting around waiting for other people to get the thumb out of their collective butts.

Time bleeds away. Hour by hour.

I’ve organized and packed the kids’ bags so they’re ready for school. I’ve matched and rounded up socks for the kids. We have new shoes. Fresh lunch boxes and things to fill them with. Clean drink bottles for their water. New cooler bricks to keep their lunches cold.

Mayhem’s room is still not organized, though. That depends on Hubby and his brother. I lack the knowledge and skill to do what I’m depending on them to do.

For all I know, they won’t do a damn thing about the room and the renovations, and decide to play computer games all day. And all night. Keeping Mayhem awake and ensuring his sleep cycle’s ruined for Monday.

Hubby and brother have a long history of ignoring me until the last possible second before meltdown.

It makes me depressed to know this. Depression makes me neglect myself. That’s not good. For me, or the kids.