Time Management

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Monday, Doctor's Appointment and Supplies

I got the quack's today because apparently you need to constantly top up your prescriptions every firkin year and I haven't done that since 2021.

Temporally challenged. As far as I'm aware, I just got a prescription a couple of months ago. What the fuck? TWO YEARS? No firkin way.

This happens more often than you may believe.

I'm not going to get better about this.

But the story will not be happening until after I've done all of that and shopping too [we need eggs amongst many other things] because Nerd Time.

Social anxiety and Appointment Is Coming means I can't do anything else until Appointment is Done.

Fun times.

At least I have the dosh to get the stuff we need. And I can get the meme done if I'm quick.

Tally ho.

Spinning my wheels...

I hate wasting time.

Lots of things that need to get done depend highly on other people doing them. Because I lack the skills, the knowledge, the money or the resources to do it myself. So I end up sitting around waiting for other people to get the thumb out of their collective butts.

Time bleeds away. Hour by hour.

I’ve organized and packed the kids’ bags so they’re ready for school. I’ve matched and

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