Ah, long weekends

Her Majesty is having her official birthday on Monday, which means most of the house gets an extra day to slack off and do not very much at all. I still have to fulfil some of my daily duties - adding to my novel and the daily story. And I plan on making at least three earrings before Monday is done.

"Plan". Ha. That's a good word. I planned to finish up making all my earring cards, yesterday. Factorio happened, and then I actually did all of that this morning, before Beloved could occupy me with distracting micromanagement opportunities.

I might not get any of that done. But I am going to do my book if it takes me all day, because that's the thing I need to do in order to try and earn some cash. Making bling for unpunctured ladies is more a donation of my time that might earn in the long run.

I have to learn how to relax. Most of my life - if a thing was not done, it meant the ruination of something. Now that I'm trying to be professional - if a thing is not done, it could mean the end of my tiny career.

I have to relax about these things or it will be the end of me.