Challenge #01248-C153: Tired of the Same Ol'

"But I'm tired of being the villain! I know the series needs a villain, why does it have to be me?" fed up character or actor stuck with "Bad person" roles. -- Knitnan

"Why can't I actually conquer the galaxy? Would that really be so bad?"

Wander looked at the camera. Then he looked to Sylvia, who just shrugged. "Uh, probably?" said Sylvia. "Face it, Hater. If you were running things around here, everything would be terrible for everybody. Why'd you even want to rule the galaxy anyway?"

"So I could make lots of people love me and get all the pretty girls. DUH!"

"That's it?" both heroes chorused.

"Well of course that's it. Isn't it why anyone does anything?"

"Uh. No," said Sylvia.

Wander let out his Zen side, "Those who seek to prosper for selfish reasons, do not gain in the end."

"You could try doing good," suggested Sylvia. "I promise it won't hurt."

It did, but not in the ways that Hater predicted.

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