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Challenge #01441-C346: Stranger Friends

Wander and Sylvia

1) With Stanford Pines

2) With Dipper and Mabel -- Anon Guest

[AN: This will put me one ahead for Yule. Huzzah]

The Stan o' War II, somewhere in the Bermuda triangle...

"Engines on full, Stanley! It's got us in its vortex!"

"They're already on full, poindexter. You want more power, grab an oar and paddle."

"Say, you folks look like you're in a spot of trouble," said a new voice.

The speaker was a hairy, orange... thing... seemingly riding a blue... thing... with a red crest. The hairy orange one had a large, green hat as the only other item of clothing but his shoes and socks. They were floating inside a gigantic... pink... bubble.

"Can we help?" said his mount.

Stan looked at Ford, who looked back. They shared shrugs.

"Okay," said Ford, "But if you try any rectal probing, you're going to have a fight."

"Euw," said the orange thing. "Customs around here are downright strange..." He shrugged and dismounted. "Ready, Sylvia?"

The blue thing stretched and cracked her knuckles, "Ready, Wander."

The orange one -Wander- Blew another gigantic pink bubble, which neatly encapsulated the ship. High and dry above the vortex. The blue thing -Sylvia- hoisted the ship onto her back, lifted Wander in a flip up to the deck. "Hi there, I'm Wander, I wander the galaxy lookin' for folks to help. Sylvia's my faithful steed and best friend. Do you mind gettin' dropped off by the nearest land mass?"

"Oh, that'd be great," said Ford. "We're Stanford and Stanley Pines. Brothers, adventurers, and occasional treasure hunters."

"Yeah for real interesting definitions of 'treasure'," grumbled Stan. "Those rocks you picked up from Atlantis are still only useful as ballast."

"Patience, Stanley."

Wander made a polite rictus. These two were going to need a lot of help.


"Sure we can make it to Gravity Falls," Dipper mocked. "It's only twenty miles in a straight line."

"It still..." Mabel panted, "...is..."

"Yeah, but not vertically. You didn't say there was a mountain in the way, Mabel..."

"I didn't see the mountain on Google Maps, Dipper. You were the one saying how it was the best way to find your way anywhere."

"What'd you think those concentric lines were?"

"Party target?"

Waddles, who had grown enormous during the rest of the year, stopped to scratch his butt on a standing stone. He loosened some moss and revealed an ancient carving.

"And just great! Your pet has probably wakened up some ancient magic or some c'thuloid horror to eat us. Way to go, Mabel."

"I knew it! There it is," said Grunkle Ford, somewhere high above them. A pink bubble descended like Glinda the Good Witch, and popped, leaving both Grunkles and two other... things... on the ground nearby.

"Grunkle Ford? Grunkle Stan?" Dipper boggled at the obvious aliens and started taking hurried notes.

"This is exactly the stone I've been looking for..." said Grunkle Ford, clearing the rest of the moss off. "Your guess was correct, Dipper. This is an ancient Atlantean transport system. Ancient magic."

"Howdy, howdy, howdy," said the orange thing, shaking Dipper's hand, Mabel's hand, and Waddles' trotter. "I'm Wander. This is Sylvia. And this is amazing. Everyone put this planet down as a nowhere backwater, but I have never seen so much variety on any single place I've ever been. I might just hang around here for a while."

"Try going to Gravity Falls," said Dipper. "Absolutely nobody would notice that you're there."

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Challenge #01399-C304: Home Again, Home Again

Skelebro(s?) coming to collect Frisk from interdimensional adventures -- Anon Guest

"Look, this kid belongs to somebody, Wander. We've been through this."

Wander was doing his puppy-eyes again. "I know, Sylvia... but just look at hir. Ze's so cute..."

Frisk signed, I knew I shouldn't have worn the tutu today, but ze signed it to beings who did not understand hir. Once again, actions spoke louder than sign language.

"...there ya are, kiddo."

Frisk shrieked a tiny noise of glee and

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Challenge #01316-C221: Random Encounter

Pick your favourite cartoon character, print or media and have them meet/interact with another. -- Knitnan

[AN: You do realise SPG have their own webcomic right? but I'll play this straight this time]

"That wormhole really did a number on me," mumbled Sylvia. "Where the flarf are we?"

"I have no idea," Wander chirped. He had made a campfire and was roasting something on a stick. "But the beach is lovely and there's a cute little town on the other side

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Challenge #01289-C194: Sure it Followed You Home

A zbornak is not a pet. Yes even if it looks like a space horse and is wearing a saddle and bridle. Now let's bring her back where you found her.

Man I wish we spoke the same language... How do you apologise for your kid in pantomime.... -- Gallifreya

[AN: Language has never been a problem in WOY... interesting, that]

Sylvia knew they weren't in the Kan'zass galaxy, any more, but this took some kind of cake. First she'd lost Wander,

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Challenge #01288-C193: The Nature of Strength

Wander is supernaturally strong and doesn't realise this is a big deal -- Gallifreya

She saw it, now and again, whenever things got really tight. Wander could and would carry the weight of a world on his back. And once, he literally did it. Okay, so it was a small planet, as planets went. But that wasn't the point.

He either didn't know his own strength, or he hid it most of the time. It was only when he forgot himself that

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Challenge #01275-C180: Skeleton Shenanigans

1) Captain Tim's best day ever

2) Pick a skeleton character and dump them in the universe of another skeleton character -- Gallifreya

[AN: this should take the gap count down to 9]


Something was different, this morning. Usually, Captain Tim awoke to the sound of the snooze button being pressed and found the room empty. But this time the hated Zbornak was there. So of course he pounced. And bit. And shredded. It had to be sheer luck that she

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Challenge #01248-C153: Tired of the Same Ol'

"But I'm tired of being the villain! I know the series needs a villain, why does it have to be me?" fed up character or actor stuck with "Bad person" roles. -- Knitnan

"Why can't I actually conquer the galaxy? Would that really be so bad?"

Wander looked at the camera. Then he looked to Sylvia, who just shrugged. "Uh, probably?" said Sylvia. "Face it, Hater. If you were running things around here, everything would be terrible for everybody. Why'd you even

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Challenge #01236-C141: Legends and Truth

"Oh! You don't get what you want. You get what you need." -- Anon Guest.

There is a nomad who wanders the lands. He is no mendicant, nor particularly poor. He bows to no king and calls no land his home. They say he did the Fae a favour and they gave him a magic sack. Some claim it is a magic hat.

And, typical of all Fae gifts, it comes with a snag.

"What do you mean, it doesn't work like

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Challenge #01211-C116: Through the Multiverse

Adventuring around the Multiverse, starring Stanford Pines! (If you have not seen Gravity Falls up to Not What He Seems, please replace Stanford with another character)

  1. With Wander and Sylvia
  2. In the last TV show, comic or game universe you encountered -- Gallifreya

[Of firkin course I've seen Gravity Falls. I was just never up on the decoding things because I (a) lacked the reflexes and (b) lacked the smarts. This is an author who needs help at every third Professor Layton

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Challenge #01205-C110: Unlikely Angels

Betcha Wander's licensed to perform weddings -- Anon Guest

There were a lot more refugees, these days. Seas of people from all sorts of planets, all walks of life. Many of them were camped in line to get enough Orbble Juice to skip to the next galaxy. Some were hoping for enough to just get to the next planet.

Wander was not handling it well. The worst thing in the world was being just as helpless as all the others desperately waiting

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Challenge #01196-C101: I'll Tell You a Tale

Wander Over Yonder, anything inspired by the latest episode - "The Legend" (latest at time of prompting anyway) -- Gallifreya

"...and the second-cousin twice removed is none other than his very own faithful steed!"

"Nuh-uh," said Angela.

"Stop interrupting," said Melodie. "You're ruining my storytelling."

"...gettin' it wrong," murmured Angela.

Melodie vented a growl of frustration. "Seriously? Of course I have everything right. I worked it out."

"'S wrong," insisted Angela.

"Mo-o-o-o-o-o-om! Angela won't let me tell her a story!"

Their mother

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Challenge #01193-C098: Never Hurts to Help

http://mareliini.tumblr.com/post/141201232172/lolshtus-how-i-joined-a-gang-by-accident -- Gallifreya

Sylvia had, once again, made the mistake of looking away from Wander for more than five consecutive seconds. Which meant that he was now missing without a trace.

How had that fuzzy orange weirdo survived before she'd met him?

Meanwhile, Wander was making friends. It didn't matter that they were mean-looking, or in a rough-around-the-edges neighbourhood. All that mattered was that strangers were friends that he'd not yet had the pleasure of meeting.

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Challenge #01132-C035: Well Met, Wanderer

Night falls, the demons arrive... and the gates are open and there's tea and biscuits in the bailey. -- Gallifreya

The Hordes of Darkness were on guard as they crept into the castle. They expected all kinds of resistance. Hails of arrows. Rains of fire. Boiling oil or at least scalding-hot porridge raining down on them from the murder holes[1].

There should have been armed knights. There should have been traps.

The demons were still expecting some. They even regarded the

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