Challenge #01316-C221: Random Encounter

Pick your favourite cartoon character, print or media and have them meet/interact with another. -- Knitnan

[AN: You do realise SPG have their own webcomic right? but I'll play this straight this time]

"That wormhole really did a number on me," mumbled Sylvia. "Where the flarf are we?"

"I have no idea," Wander chirped. He had made a campfire and was roasting something on a stick. "But the beach is lovely and there's a cute little town on the other side of that hill..."

"...with the ominously huge temple carved into it," noted Sylvia. "That sort of thing is bad news, Wander."

"Eh. Probably not any more. Look, it's fallen into decay and someone built a nice little house on it."

Sylvia murmured her doubts. "I still say something horrible is going to happen and that temple is in the middle of it. Look--" she pointed to the remains of a stone hand that had apparently melted. "--that is not a good sign. There could be any kind of lurking evil in there."

"Hi there," said a new voice. The speaker was sort of pink, and had fluffy black curls on top of his head. His red shirt had a yellow star on it, much like the star on Wander's hat. "Are you guys lost?"

"Boy howdy, we're lost," said Sylvia, slapping her hand over Wander's big mouth before he could say otherwise. "Can you tell me where we are?"

"You're in front of the gem temple, of course," said the native. "And on the other side of that hill, you'll find Beach City!"

O joy. He was being literal. "I was thinking more along the lines of planet, system, part of the galaxy...?"

"Oh. We don't know any of that. Well. Humans don't. I bet one of the Gems could tell you, though. Oooh! Pearl would know for sure! Or maybe Peridot, but she's busy doing Meep Morps." He ran off for the house on the temple, yelling, "PE-EARL! HEY, PEARL!" as he went.

Sylvia rolled her eyes. "Ugh. Do we tie ourselves up now so we make the inevitable sacrifice easier, or...?"

Wander was doing The Noise, and making The Face. He was clearly excited by what was going on. "Sylvia. We. Are. Really lost! Do you know what that means?"

"It's going to be ages before I can get me a jellyfish pie?"

"(Bleh) No! It means we have a chance to see everything there is to see around here before anyone else! It's amazing! We're gonna be the first around anywhere!"

The native emerged with a taller, lankier being lead along by his hand. "Now, Steven, just because we know a little more than you doesn't mean we know the relative positions of-- Oh my goodness."

"Howdy!" said Wander.

"You wouldn't know where the Flevnark galaxy is from here, would you?" Sylvia said through a nervous rictus. "Soon as we know where to go, we'll be on our way. We don't want any trouble."

"Er..." said Pearl.

It was a long talk, with holograms of ancient star-maps cast in the half-light of dawn and then, in the full light of day. During which Wander brought out his banjo and Steven fetched his ukelele. And for once, interaction with a strange new planet didn't involve screaming, disasters, or interruptions from any kind of force for evil.

It was a pleasant break from the norm.

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