Challenge #01399-C304: Home Again, Home Again

Skelebro(s?) coming to collect Frisk from interdimensional adventures -- Anon Guest

"Look, this kid belongs to somebody, Wander. We've been through this."

Wander was doing his puppy-eyes again. "I know, Sylvia... but just look at hir. Ze's so cute..."

Frisk signed, I knew I shouldn't have worn the tutu today, but ze signed it to beings who did not understand hir. Once again, actions spoke louder than sign language.

"...there ya are, kiddo."

Frisk shrieked a tiny noise of glee and launched herself at the shorter Skeleton brother.

"Oh, I guess you guys know each other," said Wander. "Hi. I'm Wander, and this is Sylvia. We wander around the galaxy and do some good deeds."

They're okay, signed Frisk.

The blue glow in Sans' left eye faded out. "...i'm kind'a hir guardian... here to get hir back home.... frisk... your mom's getting frantic... what happened?"

Frisk could only shrug. It was as if ze was at the whim of a slightly malevolent mind.

"...never mind, then... thanks for being a pal, people... let's get back before papyrus finishes his pasta."

They walked around a corner, and through of one of Sans' famous 'shortcuts', and back to the house where Frisk and all hir friends lived. Or at least, spent most of their time.


"Wait! You forgot your pretty ribbon!" Wander dashed around the corner, only to find a dead end. "...what?" he murmured.

"I don't think the kid forgot it," said Sylvia. "Ze gave it to me. It's a gift."

Wander fixed it into her crest. "You know... I think it suits you."

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