The Big... Evening

It's All Hallow's Eve, so not only do I have to remind my dear readers that my latest free story is available for All Hallow's Read, but I also have to get three sets of ducks in a row. And film myself putting on makeup, and do Chaos' makeup, and help everyone with their costumes...


I'm sure much fun will be had, but shortly before that, there will be snarling, frustration, and yelling.

On the plus side, there might be a video at the end of it. Be warned - it contains my butter face.

Making the earrings for my prizewinners is temporarily stalled because I have to find where I had those smegging silver split rings. I swear I had them in one place and they're not there, so I have to dig them out from wherever I hid them this time. Ugh. Or buy another lot for like $2 at Bargain Central. They're increasingly becoming my First Check for artsy fartsy stuff.

Dinner tonight is likely to be Spook-ghetti with the diner's choice of Blood (tomato soup) or Graveyard Dirt (mushroom soup) as sauce. We all know that the kids are going to go nuts on the sugar, so whatever, right?

And meanwhile - I forgot to have breakfast. Blargh. And since I'm out of tub fruit, it's back to the Power Grains. Sigh.