Back to work,huzzah

I finally did that video I've been gassing about since forever. Soon to be yet another ignored and flagged music video on YouTube. See if you can find it.

I also found those silver split rings, so I can get on with finishing those earrings I've been gassing about.

And now that it's November, I can make that doctor's appointment I've been gassing about, too. Just... not for today, because it's practically a national holiday. I want to see the doctor, not hear about which horse they're punting on.

The bad news is that I'm backsliding a little. I've not been doing my daily walk, nor monitoring my food. And this morning, I forgot to weigh myself.

Things that put me out of schedule, like making a music video at roughly 4AM, tend to keep me out of schedule. I need routine, and keeping myself to it when I wake up at fuckoff in the morning is something of a hassle.

But I had the time to make about 90% of something cool before I had to divide my attention between myself and three other people. Now for the tricky part. Sharing that mofo.

And I still need to finish readying everyone for the day. Wish me luck.