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Challenge #01275-C180: Skeleton Shenanigans

1) Captain Tim's best day ever

2) Pick a skeleton character and dump them in the universe of another skeleton character -- Gallifreya

[AN: this should take the gap count down to 9]


Something was different, this morning. Usually, Captain Tim awoke to the sound of the snooze button being pressed and found the room empty. But this time the hated Zbornak was there. So of course he pounced. And bit. And shredded. It had to be sheer luck that she got away, in the end.

Captain Tim treadled his pet skeleton into approaching softness before snuggling down again.


It was the Zbornak again. Captain Tim pounced, sure he had the right strategy to kill , eviscerate, and maybe lay eggs in her carcass. But no, she got away again.

The third time she came, it was becoming... fun. It was what the eyeball people called a game. Hear the click, and... play. With the Zbornak. And what was really curious was how she got more hurt from play than she did with an outright attack.

And play was... fun.

Captain Tim decided that he liked fun.

He could play with his pet skeleton and he got even more treats. He could play with the eyeball people and get more of the extended, loud noise that they made that made Captain Tim's leg hairs tickle just right. And, best of all, he could play with the prisoners and get the loud noise, and the joy of his pet skeleton.

Life was so good.


Another long, dull day. Made slightly better by telling jokes to the lady on the other side. But it was almost bedtime for Papyrus, and his brother just wouldn't sleep until he heard Peek-a-boo with Fluffy Bunny.

It wasn't often that he actually walked home. Well, walked a lot of the way home. But he had a stash of ketchup that he wanted to get into on the way back to a real bed.

A hooded figure was yelling at the air. All but radiating pure anger. And they shot lightning in random directions. What was wrong with them? Did they want to hurt one of the teens hanging out in these woods.

"Hey, pal," said Sans by way of greeting. "There a problem?"

"Of course there's a problem," shouted the skeleton. He had lightning-bolt horns. "Peepers' stupid trans-dimensional whatsit backfired and now I'm in the wrong stupid reality because stupid Wander had to go and do a stupid thing. And now everything is stupid and I hate it."

During that speech, Sans had read this skeleton's LV. It was the highest he had ever seen. Or ever heard of.

"You'd better calm down, buddy," warned Sans. His eye flaring into magical life. "Or you're gonna have a bad time."

"Yeah, like what are you gonna do? Slouch at me?"

Welp. He asked for it...

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Challenge #00933-B202: It's Just Physics

“Oh, so attempting to mind control the entire planet is fine, but steam engines, now THEY’RE too much…”

“Steam powered machines just wouldn’t work in space,” argued Ken. “It’s just physics. You wouldn’t need a fire, the water would just boil from lack of pressure. And don’t get me started on how the cabin pressure works.”

Kyle sighed. “It’s not supposed to be taken seriously.”

“Yes, but science that bad manages to filter into the heads

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liberiproject: Another Spine.I draw SPG so often because I like 'em.You can leave a complaint in the complaint-box but I don't check that...


Another Spine.
I draw SPG so often because I like ‘em.
You can leave a complaint in the complaint-box but I don’t check that shit!

Accessing Walter WiFi…

NumberOneSilver: I have located woodworm problem in Walter Manor
NumberOneSilver: Also, a floor needs repairs
ClockworkCopper: He’s fallen and he can’t get up lol
NumberOneSilver: Not helping, Rabbit.

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