Good in the Bad

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Challenge #01196-C101: I'll Tell You a Tale

Wander Over Yonder, anything inspired by the latest episode - "The Legend" (latest at time of prompting anyway) -- Gallifreya

"...and the second-cousin twice removed is none other than his very own faithful steed!"

"Nuh-uh," said Angela.

"Stop interrupting," said Melodie. "You're ruining my storytelling."

"...gettin' it wrong," murmured Angela.

Melodie vented a growl of frustration. "Seriously? Of course I have everything right. I worked it out."

"'S wrong," insisted Angela.

"Mo-o-o-o-o-o-om! Angela won't let me tell her a story!"

Their mother vented a very similar grown of frustration. "Then let Angela tell a story. Yours go on for way too long, anyway. And for the record, everybody is not actually related to everybody else."

"Urgh, you're stifling my creativity," whined Melodie.

"I just think it's time you gave Angela a chance to talk, that's all."

"Fine," growled Melodie. "It's your turn. Where is the hero and why didn't he save us?"

"...he did save us," Angela played with her stuffed Zbornak toy. "...doesn't look like a hero," she added.

"Seriously? that orange goofball in the silly hat? That was the hero?"



Angela took a deep breath...


They called him Wander, now. He had had many names. Tumbleweed, Jumping Bean, Fidget, and on one occasion, Kitty. Nobody knew how long he had had the hat, but it contained whatever he needed at the time. And, sometimes, himself.

He had to be smarter than he seemed to be, because he had a knack for escaping any given situation with little more than a banjo, silliness, and a song. And wherever he went, he had to spread joy and wonder. Even in those who had seemingly lost track of their own.

His gift - if he had one - was finding the good in the bad. And then bringing that good to come to the fore. It had worked for his friend, steed, and occasional muscle, Sylvia. It was just beginning to work on Lord Hater.

Whether it would work on Dominator was something that had to be seen. But if there was any good in her at all, even the tiniest speck, Wander would find it, and help it to grow.


"The end," said Angela.

"...stoopidest story I ever heard," growled Melodie.

"I think it's lovely," said their mother.

"You have to," argued Melodie. "You're our Mom."

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