Gravity Falls

A 7-post collection

Challenge #01516-D055: Me and a Shadow

And a third -- Gallifreya

It was literally the brightest outfit that Janice had ever seen. Lights and all. It included vibrant colours in the spaces between the tiny, laundry-proof LED's. There was even an alice band with lights in it.

"Mabel..." said Janice. "What the heck?"

"Oh, there's a shadow-girl in the neighbourhood. I'm helping her out today."

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Challenge #01441-C346: Stranger Friends

Wander and Sylvia

1) With Stanford Pines

2) With Dipper and Mabel -- Anon Guest

[AN: This will put me one ahead for Yule. Huzzah]

The Stan o' War II, somewhere in the Bermuda triangle...

"Engines on full, Stanley! It's got us in its vortex!"

"They're already on full, poindexter. You want more power, grab an oar and paddle."

"Say, you folks look like you're in a spot of trouble," said a new voice.

The speaker was a hairy, orange... thing... seemingly

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Challenge #01258-C163: Demonic Corruption

If you have encountered the Transcendence AU of gravity falls, please use it in today's challenge. (it's a great AU you'd love it and half of it was written long before it all came true in the show)

"The idiots that read mysterious cave writing/old books aloud as they go or while they translate and accidentally summon things coughAlcorcough by being just that monumentally dense. Or, small children who still read by carefully sounding out syllables getting into the

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Challenge #01241-C146: Useful Pretty

(comic has gravity falls spoilers after "not what he seems") -- Gallifreya

On one hand, it was a little bit tiresome. On the other, it was damned convenient. All he had to do was make sure his glasses were in his pocket before they bundled him up for delivery and...

They tossed him onto his knees.

"So," said a soft voice. "This is the creature that Cipher wishes to eliminate? Huh."

Yep. Right on cue.

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Challenge #01211-C116: Through the Multiverse

Adventuring around the Multiverse, starring Stanford Pines! (If you have not seen Gravity Falls up to Not What He Seems, please replace Stanford with another character)

  1. With Wander and Sylvia
  2. In the last TV show, comic or game universe you encountered -- Gallifreya

[Of firkin course I've seen Gravity Falls. I was just never up on the decoding things because I (a) lacked the reflexes and (b) lacked the smarts. This is an author who needs help at every third Professor Layton

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