Challenge #01288-C193: The Nature of Strength

Wander is supernaturally strong and doesn't realise this is a big deal -- Gallifreya

She saw it, now and again, whenever things got really tight. Wander could and would carry the weight of a world on his back. And once, he literally did it. Okay, so it was a small planet, as planets went. But that wasn't the point.

He either didn't know his own strength, or he hid it most of the time. It was only when he forgot himself that he did all of these things without any apparent effort.

Where he hid it all was another mystery for Sylvia. Most of the time, he was as light as a feather. Though, to be honest, his weight seemed to depend on his emotional state. When he was down in the dumps, he was heavier than usual.

Maybe that was the secret of it. Maybe it was tied to his emotions, too.

Sylvia vowed to keep her personal comms ready to snap any photograph of Wander doing miraculous things. And she didn't have to wait long, what with Dominator and Hater going to ridiculous lengths to one-up each other.

Wander single-handedly evacuated New Bingleborp by carrying all the Bingleboppians out of the way of the terrifying pyrotechnics and onto a more convenient planet, nearby. All with one Orbble, and all while Sylvia was incapacitated.

And when confronted with the evidence, Wander had very little to say about it. "It needed to be done. So?"

"So you're possibly the strongest being in the Galaxy - not counting Mrs Myrtle. Why aren't you out there like those other chumps? Proving it?"

He just brought out his banjo and started strumming. "Because I'm not like those other chumps. Conquerin' the galaxy doesn't mean a thing to me. I'd rather see all the cool parts and discover things."

Or maybe he was that strong because he'd already fought temptation and won.

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