Rampant Speculation

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Challenge #01236-C141: Legends and Truth

"Oh! You don't get what you want. You get what you need." -- Anon Guest.

There is a nomad who wanders the lands. He is no mendicant, nor particularly poor. He bows to no king and calls no land his home. They say he did the Fae a favour and they gave him a magic sack. Some claim it is a magic hat.

And, typical of all Fae gifts, it comes with a snag.

"What do you mean, it doesn't work like that?"

The nomad shrugged and smiled. "Exactly what I said, ma'am. I can't just pull any old thing out of my hat. It only gives me what I need. And right now, it thinks you need a time-out."

"Killbot 86 is after us, pal. How in the flarf narbling kraxx is anyone supposed to get out of this by settling down with a hot cocoa and a blankie?"

"Try it," said the nomad. "It can't actually hurt."

She kept one weapon drawn as she sat. Let the nomad wrap her about with the snuggly blanket and ply her other hand with hot cocoa. Outside their cavern shelter, the snowstorm turned into a blizzard. Killbot 97 would have a hard time even getting his bearings in that lot.

She sipped the cocoa. "O my grop. This is the best frakkin cocoa I've ever tasted."

"You're welcome," said the nomad. He'd taken a banjo out of his hat and played a simple, yet calming melody.

She swigged the brew and relaxed. How long had it been since she treated herself like this? It seemed like way too long. And with the snow outside, there was no particular place to go.

She snorted briefly awake to see the nomad tucking her in. This was a trap!

He put both his hands up and made a great show of stepping back into her field of vision. Ugh. Why did he have to be so... friendly? "Ugh. The sooner I get you to Major Threat, the better off I'll be."

"Does he need some cocoa too? You know, I tried to get some to him, but he just would. Not. Accept. That man is so angry..."

And before she knew it, she was gossiping with the nomad. Contract forgotten. The nomad may or may not be dangerous, he certainly seemed harmless enough, but the way Major Threat acted, it was as if he was murdering grandmothers or something.

By the time the storm finally ended, she had made a friend... and changed her life for the better.

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