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Challenge #03815-J163: Alike in Villainy

One side was demons, the other, humans. What was the difference, other than looks? Nothing at all. Both sides knew it, but it took a blind child to slap sense into both, and get them to work together. The village is prosperous now that they work as equals. -- Anon Guest

They say, "Out of the mouths of babes comes the truth." Obviously whoever 'they' are, they have never known children. They only spout the truth when it's socially inconvenient. A more apt phrase would be Kids will murder you every time[1].

In the case of the last conflict between Humans and Hellkin, it was a little bit of both.

The city where it occurred no longer exists, abandoned to the wrath of time. It was once split in twain, with Humans on one side of the river, and the devilborn exiled to the other. Humanity had since thrown off its Elven yoke, with the help of the Hellkin they created, and instantly turned on their former weapons-slash-allies.

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Challenge #03791-J138: A Foundation of Small Peace

They had powerful magic, able to make pacts with spirits, beasts, and creatures of all kinds. One spell summons a massive dragon. The two develop a steadfast bond that lasts through the ages. -- Anon Guest

Brybanise the Soothsinger began this with the intent of forging a new peace in this strange new plane of existence. The Dragons were a menage and a threat, and wiping them out was a crime against existence. Perhaps worse than killing a unicorn.

She could sing

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Challenge #03498-I210: A Story of the Ages

It's storming badly, but the Inn is warm and comfortable. Children, seeing an elf adventurer, not knowing it's Wraithvine, politely ask hir if they can tell the children a story before they have to go to bed. -- Anon Guest

"The wind is in mourning," began the Elf, "you can hear them cry. The wind is raging and I know why..." not all of the story was poetry, but Elves tend to lean into a rhyme whenever the opportunity presents itself. Especially

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Challenge #03453-I165: Another Story, Another Time

It's late into the evening, many travelers had gotten together to camp and, seeing Wraithvine and hir companions, invited them to join the encampment for the evening. A warm fire, plenty of spare tents, food, and smiles. Several children run up to Wraithvine and the others and beg for a story before it's time for bed. -- Anon Guest

"Oh don't bother the great Wizard," said one of the parents. "They've got a destiny to fulfill."

"If it's a destiny without stories,

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Challenge #02856-G299: Somewhere 'Neath Avalon Fair

I’ve been away for so long. But like the winds of the summer weather, I am back and I’m even better. Nothing can break up this bond. We’re in our prime, this is our time -- Anon Guest

Legendary heroes never die. It's true. They're always shunted off into some mystical realm to rise again in their country's greatest need. Legends fade from memory. Country names change. Yet the land and the hero remain bound by that promise.


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Challenge #02496-F306: Legend Commence

I may be blind but I can still kick your ass -- Anon Guest

"Do not act incautiously when confronting little bald wrinkly smiling men," -- Terry Pratchett.

He was old, and balding, and had the kind of life-worn face that could make a raisin look youthful. He was feeling his way along the road with a staff, and seemed to be deliberate about being slow about it. Fortunately for Threnody, she had heard of Rule One.

"Ho there, Uncle," she said.

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Challenge #02443-F253: The Mystery Deepens

I read one of your short story of how how the rarity of humans and elves are swapped, and thought this:

A: “Based off these texts this Human is of the European breed.”

B: “But that’s impossible the closest Human gate is in a-siá I think.”

A: “Blonde hair, blue eyes and pale skin like elves. Shorten the ears and lifespan you get a European Human.”

B: “Still how would it even get here, it takes days to get here from

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Challenge #02392-F202: Legendary Orphan

What if the Human race were fantasy creatures to races we think are myths (ie elves, dwarves, kobolds etc...). -- AmberFox

The world is big, bigger than you think it is. A shire may be enough for a Halfling, but there are entire mountains and valleys that have not been traversed by one being. There are realms in which the people who live there believe that they are the only people in the world. Then they meet other people... and the world

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Challenge #02376-F186: So Walks a Spider

Imagine if the Old Pagan gods still walked among us. But the stories from their point of view were slightly different.. and they were only made into gods because of storytellers...


Odin: "I started my existence as an ordinary man, and lived a fairly uneventful first life. Then my wife passed and I became lonely so I started to look after all the local lost and orphaned children. The bards started to sing of my generosity far and wide until

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Challenge #02043-E219: Through th' Crack's Mirror

Humans had lost against the Fae. The Orcs, and Fairies, Gnomes, and Centaurs, all the "mythical" creatures had banded together and drove us to near extinction. But unlike us, they weren't monsters. We had after all started the war. And the small group of survivors, stripped of magic, were sent to a reality where no natural magic existed. Banished to the fringes, that's where our stories came from, an attempt to keep the history before alive. And remember the times that the

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Challenge #01196-C101: I'll Tell You a Tale

Wander Over Yonder, anything inspired by the latest episode - "The Legend" (latest at time of prompting anyway) -- Gallifreya

"...and the second-cousin twice removed is none other than his very own faithful steed!"

"Nuh-uh," said Angela.

"Stop interrupting," said Melodie. "You're ruining my storytelling."

"...gettin' it wrong," murmured Angela.

Melodie vented a growl of frustration. "Seriously? Of course I have everything right. I worked it out."

"'S wrong," insisted Angela.

"Mo-o-o-o-o-o-om! Angela won't let me tell her a story!"

Their mother

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