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Exercising again

We went on the first walk for a fortnight, and I was just about wiped out from a walk around the block. I'm gonna regret the sprint session this afternoon.

But at least we have some stew in the slow cooker, so I don't need to fret about food.

Still no rejection letter, just yet. And I have a fluttering underneath my sternum and panic-related asthma. Hooray. Anxiety firkin sucks!

So I took a Seretide this morning to try and live normally, today. Something I haven't done since September.

And I keep on plugging on.

Today's art exercise... I plan to make a very simple GIF by hand with the help of google pictures. See, if you have a chain of pictures, google will turn them into a GIF. I plan on drawing a chain of pictures and hopefully making a nice little loop. Which I might use later in the Sleep Evil Sleep project. If I can figure out how.

That's for this afternoon.

This morning's complication was the fact that Mayhem was feeling itchy and wanted to be checked. I evicted roughly three dozen adult inhabitants before I gave up and shaved his head. Turns out a #3 blade is all one needs to make hair short enough to also make it inhospitable to unwanted life forms.

But I still need to make up some more anti-critter goo because we're out. This time, I'll add some lavender or something so that it smells a bit better than straight tea-tree oil.

...and now I feel itchy.

But I know its all psychosomatic because my hair's not nearly long enough to gain inhabitants in the first place.

You know damn well I'll run a comb through my head anyway. Because paranoia is a lifestyle.

Heavy and Light Keto and how it kicks your butt

Beloved and I are doing heavy Keto, which means that we try to take a maximum of twenty grams of carbs per day.

Light Keto, on the other hand, allows you a maximum of fifty grams of carbs and is a lot easier on the body. You can have more ersatz rice or potato mash, for instance, by doing strange things to cauliflower. You can even have really small doses of actual rice or potato.

People doing Light Keto, for instance, never

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Achievement unlocked: Exercise for the day

Some have noted that my life is boring. Heaven forfend I get excitement, because excitement usually involves someone’s life going pants and me doing some variant of the quirkafleg.

[The quirkafleg is a series of spasmodic paroxysms directly related to extreme disgust, a violent tantrum, or a combination of the twain. Use the word and confuse your friends and family]


Today I got my exercise by Culching.

Culch is a fancy word for “potentially useful junk” and

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Two problems, one solution

I’m moderately proud of myself, this morrow [7th April] as I found two problems with one solution.

Since we had the jungle lawn slashed down to lawnlike levels, we’ve had a LOT of grass lying around in clumps. Including clumps near the fence, which threatens the wood palings.

We also have a lot of pit traps where Hound decided to imitate Simon from the Yogscast and diggy diggy hole.

So early in the morning, before the sun decided

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Farging roadblocks!

No, this is not about traffic.

I seem to be cursed to stay at or above 91.9 kilos.

I bounced back up into solid 92kilo turf, today. Grrr.

I’m so mad at myself and frustrated and tired and, to add insult to injury, my right knee has decided to join my wrists in the Painful Rheumatism Club.

Which means I more or less have to rely on diet alone on the days when it’s painful to move.

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That’s my weight, today[2nd Feb].

That’s my stumbling block.

Three times, I’ve got down to 91.9 only to yo-yo back up to the next kilo bracket. since I spend a week working off roughly a kilo, I watch those decimals like a hawk. Getting down into the next “kilo zone” is fast becoming an obsession.

Better make certain it’s not a dangerous one, then.

And in the Antiprogress side of

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The hazards of dog-walking

Before the weeks of deluge, I alternated blocks to walk the hound around. Let’s call them Clockwise and Anticlockwise.

And a couple of times, I even managed to do both.

That was before we evicted the Carpet From Hell [it wasn’t paying rent], the subsequent stint of bad asthma, and a rainstorm just short of another effing flood.

Now I’m back to one block until I’m absolutely, positively certain that my health is up

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I'm losing weight at last!

I started this year at 95.4kg, just a few small kilos away from 100kg. I made a resolution to lose weight and get fitter, so immediately I went out and stuffed myself for the annual new years’ rello visit.

Hubby didn’t help, either. Next night, he took me out to Sizzler’s.

Today [the 5th of Jan] is the day where I finally dipped below my starting weight. I’m now 95.2kg. You might not

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