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Challenge #01631-D170: What a Maker Wants

You make stuff, sometimes your shopping list is a bit weird. Then someone decides to search your bags (you're innocent), and then there's the explanations. -- Knitnan

There's Things and then there's THINGS!. The latter is a gigantic labyrinth of the former. There's also refreshment islands with ablution kiosks and Galactic Food Choices[1] in a mini-kitchen. People who go there tend to spend all day, and then bookmark their location so that they can come again.

Rael had set his personal alarm set to let him know when he had a comfortable amount of time to reach his domicile and refuel before entering his rest cycle. He marched down the shelving, looking for specific items. He was a cogniscent with only so much time to spare.

In one of the middle lanes was a lizard with a trolley. It contained quite a number of disparate things. Bricks of printing paper, samples of coloured paper, a cutting mat, several boxes of beads, packets of knitting yarn, several colours and patterns of ductape, random spools of wire, cable, and what seemed to be printer materia. They were looking over the air-clay and temperature-sensitive plastics, with a silicone mould in one hand.

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Ow! I must be anxious.

True story: I internalise my anxieties for the most part, and when I do, it comes out as me hurting myself.

I went down the aisle towards my Beloved with a giant fucking elastoplast on the bottom of my foot because I stood on a double-adapter [prong side up of course] mere days before the big event.

I have a knack for being distracted enough to walk right into random cars' tow balls.

And today?

I just burned myself for the second

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Building Bitzer part 2. The mask featured here is a test platform on which I will experiment with different levels of paint-to-crackle...

Building Bitzer part 2.

The mask featured here is a test platform on which I will experiment with different levels of paint-to-crackle ratio.

Even after all the care and attention to detail, I still wound up with black paint on parts of my body 9_9 But at least I was careful enough not to get any on my clothes. Yay me.

The roller made painting the mask a very quick process, and any small areas got filled in with the help

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Achievement unlocked: Exercise for the day

Some have noted that my life is boring. Heaven forfend I get excitement, because excitement usually involves someone’s life going pants and me doing some variant of the quirkafleg.

[The quirkafleg is a series of spasmodic paroxysms directly related to extreme disgust, a violent tantrum, or a combination of the twain. Use the word and confuse your friends and family]


Today I got my exercise by Culching.

Culch is a fancy word for “potentially useful junk” and

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