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Challenge #02104-E280: Personal Augmentation Options

Humans introduce aliens to cosmetics, not all would go in their original place. -- Knitnan

Humans are well known to be attracted to shiny things. This eventually resulted in Humans making themselves shiny in order to attract mates. Jewellery is an almost universal concept, though not always universal in execution. Makeup, on the other hand, is not as universal as one might expect.

"So... you apply paint to your exterior to look more attractive?"

"Getting closer," said Human Jaz. "We call it 'war paint' because the ancient cosmetics were dual purpose. They were also used to decorate domiciles. And dye fabrics, now that I think about it."

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Tests and Finessing

Be prepared. This blog contains images that some may find disturbing.

That's right, gentle readers. I finally got my keister in gear and did a makeup test.

But first - a little about what we're doing with the clock.

[Shown here: clock bits]

First, we took off the bell and the two brass feet so we could remove those weird little bracer things. They'd just get in the way.

[Shown here: Red clock insert and belt clips]

This is the result of

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Ow! I must be anxious.

True story: I internalise my anxieties for the most part, and when I do, it comes out as me hurting myself.

I went down the aisle towards my Beloved with a giant fucking elastoplast on the bottom of my foot because I stood on a double-adapter [prong side up of course] mere days before the big event.

I have a knack for being distracted enough to walk right into random cars' tow balls.

And today?

I just burned myself for the second

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sw33tbroshellablog:SPG COSPLAYERS So instead of spending 10 dollars on a thing of Mehron, I bought this for 3 dollars online. It shipped...


So instead of spending 10 dollars on a thing of Mehron, I bought this for 3 dollars online. It shipped fast and when I put it on, one Finger dab covered my whole cheek!!! It spread so evenly too!

You can order them here:

Does the white make an acceptable substitute for silver? Or are you using other colours?

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