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Ow! I must be anxious.

True story: I internalise my anxieties for the most part, and when I do, it comes out as me hurting myself.

I went down the aisle towards my Beloved with a giant fucking elastoplast on the bottom of my foot because I stood on a double-adapter [prong side up of course] mere days before the big event.

I have a knack for being distracted enough to walk right into random cars' tow balls.

And today?

I just burned myself for the second time this week.

Frankly, I'd rather have the panic attacks.

And it always turns out that I worried for nothing. Eg: I actually found a hairpiece that can do the work of Bitzer's hair when my own is Summer-short [Like it is now]. Same place has copious amounts of metallic face and body paint. Some for as low as $9 per pot.

That same orange wig is standing in for The Jon's hair, this halloween. I figure nobody in my neighbourhood will geek check me on it anyway. Besides, my fanbot is going to get way more mileage out of it than I would impersonating The Jon.

I've put the hairpiece on display under my hat for the moment, just to show Beloved.

But I have today and tomorrow to craft some weaponry for Chaos so she can wreak havoc as a Lego Warrior [replete with Lego shield, and decapitated Lego head for a helmet]. And I have about everything I need to become Bizarro!Jon.

Photos sometime maybe.