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Monday, Complications, and Plotting

We will be bidding a final farewell to Capt. S later in the week, and preparations are underway for the ceremony.

Later this week, there will be another cancellation of my stream, because I will be off on family stuff. And I'd be useless for streaming anyway because whilst my tears work, my voice quits. I can either speak or cry, and crying is no good for stream.

So my expected output will be... variable. Bereavement takes priority.

As for today... let me tell you about the utter NONSENSE that I had to deal with this morning:

  • Get up and arrange coffee/pills/vegemite soup as per normal
  • Turn on compy as per normal
  • Weird growling noise from the fans
  • concern.jpg
  • Hope it goes away and continue prep for my tasks du jour
  • Compy turns off automatically
  • Well fuck
  • Try turning it on again to see if it's a fluke
  • It wasn't. Compy turned off even faster
  • wellfuck.jpg
  • Unplug. Turn it off. Take the case off to try and figure things out
  • Find a filter on the bottom of the case with a solid layer of epithelial felt on it
  • Gross.
  • That can't be the end of it so, after washing the filter, I drag out the vacuum to see if there's any dust in the nonsense
  • The fans are all operational, yay
  • Still have to get to the filters on the CPU cooling system
  • Which is harder than it sounds
  • Eventually bug Beloved about ALL of these steps enough that she makes the effort of helping me with the nonsense
  • Turns out there was ANOTHER layer of epithelial felt on the cooling arrangement where it was the hardest to get to
  • Really gross.
  • Get rid of that nastiness and reassemble the whole thing [which is harder than it sounds]
  • return plugs to the sockets
  • get it wrong
  • Thrice.
  • Set up for the upcoming stream
  • One of my cams doesn't work
  • fuckmesideways.jpg
  • Half an hour of unplugging and replugging
  • Finally dawns on me to check the settings on OBS
  • FIXED!
  • kazoofanfare.midi

So now it's all working again and I will be doing a twofer stream real soon now.

Then I get on with the priority stuff.

I already need a mental health day.

Monday, Day 0, Bloody Hell...

Plague news: FORTY-TWO new cases. THIRTY-FOUR local, eight imports. ONE HUNDRED and FORTY-TWO total active cases, fifty-seven of those are in hospital. Australia's paused at 93.7% first vax, 90% fully vaxxed. Queensland's back in its tangle-tie with WA at 89% first vax, 83.6% fully vaxxed.

So when they said, "There's a new variant that spreads faster and KILLS KIDS, we need to do these things to protect them," every single Knomira everywhere they said that... activated their one brain cell

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Thursday, Day 0, Fargnax

Plague news: Well the Qld Health site is broken a little bit, but there's one new case. It's an import. Thirty-five active cases, thirty-three in hospital.

Beloved had a bad night yesterday, so still no progress on the program. It's finding the right hour to unriddle the dang thing that's the current problem.

Since I have little else to do but my stories today, I shall aim to get twice the amount of tags done today. Maybe even more than that. We

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Tuesday, Day 3, PLNs Forthcoming

I have Patreon nonse happening today. I have PLNs to go out and acquire brushes. I have further shenanigans involving tax nonsense because nothing is ever, ever easy around here.

It went like this:

  1. Attempt to get Mayhem's paperwork in order so that he can get job with help
  2. Realise we need tax BS done
  3. Wait a while for Beloved to get that sorted
  4. Ask politely if they've got it sorted
  5. B: "No, you have to make the appointment."
    Me: "Me? With
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Tuesday, Day Zero, random cursing in the background

Five cases today, taking the total up to fifteen. I wanna hide in a bunker.

I'm trying to get onto Firefox, but signing in via another device is proving... problematic. I have an account confirmed on my PC, but getting it transferred to my lappy is... HRRNNNNGGH... Literally can't log in to the other device to complete the process and it's infuriating.


I might have to brute force this. Make a different account, then use that on this compy and then

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Bread Fail!

People should make their instructions (a) clearer and (b) linear. If you're doing an instructional video for noobs, don't make a big deal out of the allegedly proper way and then mumble something about never doing that in person.

Share. The method. That actually. WORKS!

::Anguished ASD gargling::

So yeah. Instructional video said "use this portion" with way more importance than what the guy who made it actually did. So my dough was too moist and the loaf turned into a roofing

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I handed Mayhem some responsibility and he firkin FLUSHED IT. Muggins forgot to bloody make sure his alarm was ON.

We found out about this at 4PM because my phone was bricked up where we were. I need permission from Beloved to have their number as a spare emergencies-only contact because Beloved's work is more important than school randomness.

I also need to have a chat with Mayhem about responsibility and the potential for him to have a gaming addiction.

That can

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Day 6: 7 days of free internet left

It's almost been an entire week and here's what we know:

  • It's not the internet service provider
  • It's the NBN
  • The connections to the NBN have possibly got water in them or got eaten by a wombat or something and we suffer because of it.

So (I hope) Beloved has got onto A. Guy, who is going to take a look at everything and sort shit out.

Meanwhile, I continue to at minimum push out the Instant and then vanish off the

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9 Days Remain

The system remains down for the third day in a row and I am fretting.

I'm going to take my show on the road and find a cafe somewhere with free parking and free wifi. That should see me okay on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, when I'm not expecting people over.

I hope that this is all fixed by Monday, which would be a blessing. For all of us, belike.

My PLN's to dive into finishing a fanfic or two have been

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Challenge #02306-F116: Expressions of Exasperation

any day is a good day when you're not on fire

alien looks over nervously -- Anon Guest

Humans have such interesting ways to express disappointment with their life at the moment. They can range from the simple and insincere, "Kill me," to the complicated and difficult to explain to newcomers, "Today... the spiders flakked me." One can never tell which of the multitude of expressions any given Human would use.

Qosyk, the roommate of Human Jae, kept hearing different ones for

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While the cat's away, the mice will play. And my little mice have been up to some major league malarky.

Miss Chaos decided that my 10ml syringe, that I use for measuring the saline for Max, was a chew toy.

Mayhem decided to spend $130 worth of extra bandwidth overnight.

So yes, I am a little shirty with my darlings today. And have sent them up to the local shops - on foot - to spend their money on the thing Miss

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Set Your Timers

My car is going in for a service at 10 today. That gives me a little less than three hours to get my shit together, and in the middle of trying to write this post, I got this bullshit:

[Shown here: Error message over an empty post titled (Untitled), message reads "Are you sure you want to delete this post?" and in a smaller font, "You're about to delete "(Untitled)". This is permanent! No backups, no restores, no magic undo button. We

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I think I got it now...

I'm into the swing of eating mostly protein. And my bod's still getting used to the change. I may have overdone the "energy" portion of my fodder last night because, dangit, I needed a treat after the run-around I got in finally posting yesterday's instant.

It went a little something like this:

  • Write story according to schedule
  • Attempt to merge in picture
  • 504 error apparently obliterates story
  • P A N I C !
  • Cursing
  • Realise that story is potentially lost forever and I
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Okay, so you remember how I was trying to make more earrings for the fantastic Miss Isabella Bennett…

I’ve hit a snag.

Namely, that pierced studs no longer have a flat bit I can just clip the stem off and then that stud is mine to play with… nope. They have a fucking NIPPLE on the back now for no reason whatsoever.

It basically means that I can’t glue ex-studs to the clips, any more.

I have tried

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Farging roadblocks!

No, this is not about traffic.

I seem to be cursed to stay at or above 91.9 kilos.

I bounced back up into solid 92kilo turf, today. Grrr.

I’m so mad at myself and frustrated and tired and, to add insult to injury, my right knee has decided to join my wrists in the Painful Rheumatism Club.

Which means I more or less have to rely on diet alone on the days when it’s painful to move.

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