While the cat's away, the mice will play. And my little mice have been up to some major league malarky.

Miss Chaos decided that my 10ml syringe, that I use for measuring the saline for Max, was a chew toy.

Mayhem decided to spend $130 worth of extra bandwidth overnight.

So yes, I am a little shirty with my darlings today. And have sent them up to the local shops - on foot - to spend their money on the thing Miss Chaos basically destroyed. Mayhem is essentially an escort and I sent him to enquire after after-school work.

He needs to pay for his damages somehow.

And this should help teach my little blazé miss that there are consequences to being a little miss chews-a-lot.

After I get them to clean their messes, today, one of her projects is writing down and drawing a bunch of "Chew" and "Don't chew" items as a sort of self-governing social story.


What a way to start the day.