Challenge #02010-E186: Steep Learning Curve on the Explorer Seventeen

There’s always talk of how humans pack bond to everyone and everything. But that sort of connection, especially with sentiments, needs to be mutual. So how do humans cope with being the only human on a ship? With loneliness?

Who supports the one who’s supposed to do all the supporting? -- Anon Guest.

"We are here because something is happening to the Ship's Human. Grox? You are the one who's been cataloguing symptoms."

"I'm the assigned envoy. I have to work with the human. Over these most recent weeks, I've noticed an increasing set of symptoms. Our Human has begun seeking increasing environments of warmth, needing more sleep, and experiencing some difficulty with their breathing. They have been seen holding their arms despite the optimal temperature settings for their physical needs. Their overall demeanour is becoming decreasingly energetic. I suspect we may have another broken human."

Scientist Prex was looking things up. "This is an... emotional issue," ze said. "According to my research, our human is suffering from a condition called 'depression'."

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