Thursday, Day 0, Fargnax

Plague news: Well the Qld Health site is broken a little bit, but there's one new case. It's an import. Thirty-five active cases, thirty-three in hospital.

Beloved had a bad night yesterday, so still no progress on the program. It's finding the right hour to unriddle the dang thing that's the current problem.

Since I have little else to do but my stories today, I shall aim to get twice the amount of tags done today. Maybe even more than that. We shall see.

In the news:

  • Urge for lockdown rises in NSW
  • False reports of same emerge
  • ENORMOUS list of exposure sites
  • Hospital staff fired for refusing vaccine shots
  • TV host dumps bitcoin
  • QLD refuses to let Sydneysiders in
  • More Crypto nonsense
  • Fears the new Delta variant could bypass extant vaccines
  • Racist caught on camera, cue the tears and "I never thought there'd be consequences for my actions..." type apology. If there is one

I have an hour before it's bus o'clock. Let's see how far I can get.