Challenge #03072-H164: Surprise Change of Plans

She was hunting for them, seeking hir out. The ancient one, the magi who went by many names, the one who had a thousand children, and more grandchildren than the world would ever know, yet possibly none by their own blood. Spotting their camp, the kobold, hir, and the bugbear child. Slowly through the underbrush she went as silent as a shadow in the moonlight. Then, swiftly, she sprang. Sudden flares shot out behind her in brilliantly colored sparkles, almost blinding in the evening light, and she held out a huge bag of gifts, magic had allowed her to carry it, and shouted. "Surprise! Happy Founder's Day!" She'd been sent to seek out the one who'd helped found many the village and city that gave the unwanted homes. -- Anon Guest

In retrospect, Wraithvine should have really paid attention to the way Rawr kept looking off on one specific direction. The kids' new eye had something special about it, and when he looked off to the left, or closed his original right eye, something was askew in the way things should have been. As ze frequently said, Today, we learn. Tomorrow, we do better.

Anthe, naturally paranoid, glared in the same direction, but could not detect anything. Wraithvine made the mistake of passing it off as more of their combined and mutual nonsense. They had alerted at the presence of birds, hares, rabbits and, in one case, a goblin answering the call of nature in the woods. Anthe's reaction to that had simply accelerated the poor creature's process.

After the fact, with a held Chain Lightning ready for a definite attack, Anthe with her drawn daggers, and poor little Rawr halfway between hiding and attacking, Wraithvine swallowed hir heart back down and shrieked, "Don't do that! We could have killed you!"

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