Friday, Day Zero, Overstretched

Plague news: One import, three local transmissions. Thirty-nine active cases, thirty-five in hospital. No lists of where any hot spot might be.

They really need to release people from quarantine AFTER they get the test results back. This is like the fifth time someone tested clean until the last day, when they were tested and released, and came back positive.

I have a lot on my plate today. Including the house unfuckening, starter feeding, instant creating and 1K Friday... I also have a kind invite to turn up and get involved with the celebration day at Miss Chaos' school. As a "PBL Superstar". And I get to decide what that means.

With enough mad scrambling and less than twelve hours' notice, I cobbled together Purple Persistence, a closet cosplay that involves a purple wraparound dress, my purple camo thermal pants, and an eyeball pendant [so I can see all the angles]. Persistence is a key factor in learning things, after all.

If I had a week's warning, I could come up with something really weird. But this is what I had lying around, so it's what I'm going with.

In the news:

  • Building collapses in the USA, 99 unaccounted for
  • Laundry list of exposure sites
  • Transgender runner disqualified for the Olympics in a last-minute backflip
  • Fashion shaming at Wimbledon
  • Ivanka distancing herself from the Muppet
  • Panic buying happens again
  • Aussies happier for lockdown than vax, economists baffled
  • Victoria blasted for the border closure
  • Canid plague spreading through Victoria, pet owners
  • Plague wrecks plans to re-open Luna Park
  • Coon cheese will now be called Cheer

It's almost bus o'clock. I need to get a rattle on.