Random Acts of Kindness

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Challenge #03082-H174: A Random Act of Kindness

He sought out, not Waithvine, but the kobold he traveled with. The young man, finding them along the trail, carried with him a basket of fresh fruit, fresh breads, dried meat, and sweet-filled pastries. Once he saw her, looking to the three travelers, the bugbear, the kobold, and the elf, the youth held out the basket to her, bowed and said softly, "Thank you." For he never forgot how she undid his bindings, and stopped him from ending his own life that terrible, lonely, night. -- Anon Guest

At last. He had found her. Beeyo checked the Basket of Preservation to be certain everything inside was intact. The spellwork was still secure. Everything in there was as fresh as the day it had been placed there. This was important. They say, "No good deed goes unpunished," but because of her impact, no good deed should go unrewarded.

On a dark night, a terrible night, so many years ago... Back when she was only known as Thief... a Kobold had crept past a boy in chains, and stopped to stare. Beeyo hadn't had a name, then. Property didn't often get names. He hadn't cringed, hadn't feared for his life. In fact, he had been trying to saw his wrists away with a moderately sharp rock. The only escape he had been capable of at the time.

Until a monster turned her lockpicks to his shackles, gave him a leaking waterskin and half a hub of stale bread and whispered, "Run." That night had changed his life. A pair of kind hands had changed his life. Made it one day longer. A Cleric formed the next pair of kind hands, taking in a lost and starving child and altering his path. Change for the better. Beeyo had never forgotten the monster that chose not to be monstrous, and paid the favour forward.

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Challenge #03072-H164: Surprise Change of Plans

She was hunting for them, seeking hir out. The ancient one, the magi who went by many names, the one who had a thousand children, and more grandchildren than the world would ever know, yet possibly none by their own blood. Spotting their camp, the kobold, hir, and the bugbear child. Slowly through the underbrush she went as silent as a shadow in the moonlight. Then, swiftly, she sprang. Sudden flares shot out behind her in brilliantly colored sparkles, almost blinding in

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Challenge #02092-E268: Call of Destiny

"How stupid do you think I look?"

"I don't know, I can't see you from here." -- Anon Guest

Of all the curses, in all the known universe, there is little that's more insulting than being sassed by a telemarketer. "Listen," I said, "I'm not going to do your stupid damn check for a windows virus. I'm not paying my taxes by the phone. I'm not suing someone for a car accident I had twelve years ago that didn't even do any

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Challenge #01659-D198: Kind and Dangerous Stranger

Never annoy a sleeping dragon, for you are fat and crunchy, and taste good with BBQ sauce! -- Fliss

At first, she thought it was a lava flow. One of those ones where the lava ran under a relatively whole, cooler skin. It was warm enough to be one. Then she noticed the way it flexed rhythmically, and realised that, in fact, this was a sleeping dragon. Fire was their element and this black-scaled beauty was no different. Their skin luminesced as

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