Tuesday, Day Zero, random cursing in the background

Five cases today, taking the total up to fifteen. I wanna hide in a bunker.

I'm trying to get onto Firefox, but signing in via another device is proving... problematic. I have an account confirmed on my PC, but getting it transferred to my lappy is... HRRNNNNGGH... Literally can't log in to the other device to complete the process and it's infuriating.


I might have to brute force this. Make a different account, then use that on this compy and then hack the OG account. Maybe. Or use the new account I make on the lappy. If I can make that actually work. I only have so many emails, so I need to discuss PLNs with Beloved.

The snag here being that I only have access to Beloved's collosal tech savvyness on Wednesdays and weekends. Because things are happening over at the workplace. Muttermuttermumblegrizzlegrowl.

Deeep Breaths...

Let's peek at the news:

  • Severe storms hit Sydney
  • David Attenborough warns Humanity to clean up their act
  • Plague hits Boost Juice
  • Aussie officals swear they won't be taking shortcuts with the vaccine rollout
  • Muppet's call for actual election fraud now so disgraceful that even the Repugnicans want to impeach him(way too late). He's on an hour long taped phone call trying to bargain his way out of being elected out of office
  • This same idiot could plausibly flee to Scotland to avoid Biden's inauguration

Let's get on with some fiction. And the Patreon stuff.