I handed Mayhem some responsibility and he firkin FLUSHED IT. Muggins forgot to bloody make sure his alarm was ON.

We found out about this at 4PM because my phone was bricked up where we were. I need permission from Beloved to have their number as a spare emergencies-only contact because Beloved's work is more important than school randomness.

I also need to have a chat with Mayhem about responsibility and the potential for him to have a gaming addiction.

That can wait a little smidge.

I will get the story from the people on Tessa's bus, and work out what to do next after that. Serious adult discussion time. I know that these kinds of mistakes happen, but this was a pretty honkin' big mistake.


Wordpress Wednesday is going to be about how not vaccinating is choosing terrorism. You know, because all of the fuss with the novel Coronavirus.