Challenge #02611-G054: Strange and Confounding Customs

“I’m not a matchmaker, all I did was bring my friends to dinner and at first they were at each other's throats but at the end they were ‘very’ close,” I shudder, pushing away the thoughts “Now all my friends are trying to get in my other friends pants and it is getting very awkward for being the third wheel for the seventh time" -- Anon Guest

[AN: I mislike the hate-at-first-sight becoming Tru Luv(tm) by the third act because good relationships don't start like that, and they definitely don't maintain. Fiction needs more plausibly stable relationships.]

Deathworlders can get territorial and possessive. This is known among many. It is especially known to Thryx Maahalyk, who knows several Deathworlders and also loves throwing dinner parties for his friends. In order to keep things moderately civil, he only invited two Deathworlders at a time.

...who unfortunately faced off like cats who were strangers to each other. Hissing, posturing, and swiping at each other included. Again and again, two Deathworlders judgmentally sized each other up... and initiated hostilities.

"You also know this danger-magnet ball of fluff? Get outta here," was the usual greeting, then one of them would punch the other in the arm. They would competitively compare 'war stories', barking at each other until the food was finally ready and then... Alarmingly for Thryx... they would share food. It was perplexing. First, they were fighting, then they were initiating mating signals with each other.

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