Challenge #02610-G053: Fun Facts About Amity!

Oh my Glod I love your book, 'The Amity Incident'! I must have read it n'th hundred times! Every time I read it, I discover something new! I Love It! I would like to know if there is anything else you can tell us about the planet Amity or Enmity? What about the different types of human species are out there? Like the Melil? What other things flipped the Numidid minds, besides the metal boats and the lack of eggs? Lol! I love this soooo much!!! (I'm sorry if this means you have to revisit your old manuscripts to understand what I'm talking about.) -- Anon Guest

[AN: You're good, I think I have most of this ready to roll. BTW Melil are their own species who only look mostly human. It's a longer story that may be told another time.]

Planet Amity - famous as being the very first Terran colony found that successfully cohabited with a Havenworlder species. It is slightly less famous for being one of the very few Terran Colonies that survived whilst also having an optimistic name. This has lead more than a few historians to assume nothing bad ever happened there. However the local Humans, being Humans, annually celebrate the close brush both colonies had with a near-extermination event.

They are among many colony worlds with multiple, representative ambassadors. Through invention, innovation, or accident, Humans can play well with others provided they work at it. The most successful of these worlds use friendly competition in the place of war to keep the seemingly instinctual need for some kind of rivalry satisfied.

Seeded with two species of starter biota, the cross-splicing of genes has resulted in some truly interesting new species. Science had previously thought that Deathworlder genetic material would quickly overwhelm the Havenworlder contributors, but empirical evidence shows that this is not the case. Results like Spinefruit, with a Havenworlder-friendly, soft edible interior, and a Deathworlder-resistant spiky shell, continue to astound xenobiologists all through the Alliance.

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