Day 6: 7 days of free internet left

It's almost been an entire week and here's what we know:

  • It's not the internet service provider
  • It's the NBN
  • The connections to the NBN have possibly got water in them or got eaten by a wombat or something and we suffer because of it.

So (I hope) Beloved has got onto A. Guy, who is going to take a look at everything and sort shit out.

Meanwhile, I continue to at minimum push out the Instant and then vanish off the face of the web for the rest of the day.

In meatspace news, Beloved and I have measured out some cuts in the wood that's going to be the short wall of the cat condo. Cutting to happen... soon?

The PLN, such as it is, is to create the two long walls and then make the short ones. Following that, it's putting it all up and all together. Then we fret about the walkway, putting the skin on, and filling the interior with kittycat hangouts and paths.

I need to find out if they're staying home again. They have managed to pick up a bug, my poor darling. I would be more confident about the cutting I'm about to do if they were there. Especially on the really long pieces of timber.

Because of the outage, I can't worldbuild like I would have, because that facility is locked up on an online service. Fingers crossed that I get that back up RSN.

On the other hand, I have dived straight into fanfic. Just... not the ones I started. Firkin whoops. On the other other hand, I am enjoying myself and that is the entire point.