Monday, Day 0, Bloody Hell...

Plague news: FORTY-TWO new cases. THIRTY-FOUR local, eight imports. ONE HUNDRED and FORTY-TWO total active cases, fifty-seven of those are in hospital. Australia's paused at 93.7% first vax, 90% fully vaxxed. Queensland's back in its tangle-tie with WA at 89% first vax, 83.6% fully vaxxed.

So when they said, "There's a new variant that spreads faster and KILLS KIDS, we need to do these things to protect them," every single Knomira everywhere they said that... activated their one brain cell to group together and protest that.


MeMum got a migraine so we couldn't go out and do tech support for her. Alas, we were just ready to head out when we got this news, so Beloved was just like, "I didn't get dressed up to go nowhere," and then... shopping amongst the zombie hordes.


At least I got some things I need. Yay. Next up - wrapping all the prezzies and doing the festive things. And staying THE HELL out of the shops because everyone forgot how to wear a fucking mask.


In the news:

  • News says these are scary times. Thanks for the bulletin A YEAR LATE
  • North Korea bans laughing and drinking
  • Rapper stabbed at music festival
  • "Wellness Clinic" blames God for their decision to sack one of their workers for getting the vaccine
  • Mini tornado smashes Sydney
  • Woman gives birth in Tesla whilst car is on autopilot
  • Anti-5G product is FUCKING RADIOACTIVE
  • Crypto bro loses $557 million after his mum throws out a broken laptop

Storytime now.