Monday, Complications, and Plotting

We will be bidding a final farewell to Capt. S later in the week, and preparations are underway for the ceremony.

Later this week, there will be another cancellation of my stream, because I will be off on family stuff. And I'd be useless for streaming anyway because whilst my tears work, my voice quits. I can either speak or cry, and crying is no good for stream.

So my expected output will be... variable. Bereavement takes priority.

As for today... let me tell you about the utter NONSENSE that I had to deal with this morning:

  • Get up and arrange coffee/pills/vegemite soup as per normal
  • Turn on compy as per normal
  • Weird growling noise from the fans
  • concern.jpg
  • Hope it goes away and continue prep for my tasks du jour
  • Compy turns off automatically
  • Well fuck
  • Try turning it on again to see if it's a fluke
  • It wasn't. Compy turned off even faster
  • wellfuck.jpg
  • Unplug. Turn it off. Take the case off to try and figure things out
  • Find a filter on the bottom of the case with a solid layer of epithelial felt on it
  • Gross.
  • That can't be the end of it so, after washing the filter, I drag out the vacuum to see if there's any dust in the nonsense
  • The fans are all operational, yay
  • Still have to get to the filters on the CPU cooling system
  • Which is harder than it sounds
  • Eventually bug Beloved about ALL of these steps enough that she makes the effort of helping me with the nonsense
  • Turns out there was ANOTHER layer of epithelial felt on the cooling arrangement where it was the hardest to get to
  • Really gross.
  • Get rid of that nastiness and reassemble the whole thing [which is harder than it sounds]
  • return plugs to the sockets
  • get it wrong
  • Thrice.
  • Set up for the upcoming stream
  • One of my cams doesn't work
  • fuckmesideways.jpg
  • Half an hour of unplugging and replugging
  • Finally dawns on me to check the settings on OBS
  • FIXED!
  • kazoofanfare.midi

So now it's all working again and I will be doing a twofer stream real soon now.

Then I get on with the priority stuff.

I already need a mental health day.